Multi-purpose Discord bot featuring a community-driven economy


Past Lead Developer

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zBot was a multi-purpose Discord bot application that allowed users to use commands to make their experience on their Discord server more enjoyable and interactive. It provided moderation commands to punish people for breaking rules, a feature rich text-based economy system with customisable features, image generation, music, gamification through chat messages - zBot had it all.

🙋🏻 60 thousand users over 1,500 guilds

zBot is the largest self-made project I've worked on, both in terms of userbase and complexity. The application was "installed" on over 1,500 separate Discord servers at its peak, totalling over 60 thousand aggregate users daily.

zBot had over 100 unique commands and over 200 source files handling events, external services, custom logic and advanced customisation so server owners could build their own configuration.