Note taking app with advanced features and customisability


Past Lead Developer

Technologies Used


📝 Thinking rethought

Poplet was a note-taking application with rich features such as real-time collaboration, permissions, automated actions when certain events take place and so much more.

🎖 Big scope, big ambitions

My original motivation for developing a new note-taking application in such a saturated market was the fact that note taking in general is such a manual process: it'd be nice to have information automatically inferred where possible to speed up your workflow so ultimately you and your team members can spend more time doing what's important.

🧠 A great learning experience

Although Poplet was eventually discontinued, it still served as a great learning experience for me and gave me lots of knowledge about how to deal with translations, dealing with a large-scale React project and security as I implemented a lot of core functionality (such as server-side validation, ratelimiting, scalability) on my own. It was the first project I developed on my own with the intention of being used by lots of people so I wanted to ensure I got things done properly.